History Dissertation Defense: A Complete Walkthrough

As you prepare to write one of the most important papers in your academic career, you could begin to feel overwhelmed. The key to success is a step-by-step checklist and a full knowledge of what your particular school requires for this important project. Use the following walkthrough to aid you on this journey.

  1. Gather all the papers from your school, which states exact deadlines, requirements, and procedures.
  2. Select your dissertation faculty advisor-follow the school rules, and pick someone who knows you that you have an academic bond with. This selection is very important, as this person will be your go to person throughout the entire process.
  3. Make your first appointment with your faculty advisor-meet to develop the plan, make the deadlines, and discuss the possible topics.
  4. Submit your topic idea-following the school procedures; submit your idea for the dissertation topic. If it is accepted, begin to research, if it is not approved, then go back to the drawing board.
  5. Create your thesis and begin to set up all interviews, surveys, and any case studies-as you work to get your interviews, you will want to set-up all case studies, the participants, and any possible surveys. The criteria and parameters for these hands-on activities will need to be guided by your advisor.
  6. Stick to your schedule-you should have worked out a schedule from the due date to the begin date. This schedule needs built in buffer days for emergencies and delayed work. Stick to this schedule as you move through the entire project. It is much better to be ahead than to fall behind with the work.
  7. Advisor meetings-make and attend regular meetings with your faculty advisor. Do not skip these meetings and make sure to always inform him or her of any major changes or developments in the project.
  8. Take care of yourself-be sure to eat correctly, get plenty of exercise, and keep the stress at a low. You may want to schedule in some massage appointments and yoga classes. Your physical health has to be at the top in order to keep your mental and intelligent health working properly.
  9. Write the rough draft and go see your advisor-write the rough draft and take it to your advisor. You should leave it with him or her for a few days.
  10. Once you get the paper back, hire a professional writer – hire a professional to provide you with high-quality custom dissertation help & make the corrections and changes. This will relieve some of the burden off of you. The price will not be high and the rewards will be high.
  11. Submit the final-using your advisors suggestions and the school guidelines you will want to submit the final paper. Make sure to know how many copies to hand in and know when you will argue the paper.
  12. Argue your paper-good luck you are now ready to argue your paper. You have reached the end. If for some reason your argument fails, your advisor will instruct you on how to move forward in the future.

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