Numbering Pages In A Dissertation: Common Questions And Answers

When you are writing a dissertation you have to be sincere about many things. The entire process is not an easy one and one has to be completely dedicated towards all the spheres of the paper, or give the work to writing professionals from You need to understand one thing very clearly that this is one of the most serious works of your college life and you should not hurry with anything. You should take your full time and get to know whatever is necessary.

The ways to number a page in a dissertation:

The major thing about a paper is that one has to be sure about all the different aspects like the style of writing and the editing and the citation techniques. One even needs to know the numbering technique on the page. Though it is a minute part of your work you have to be very sincere about it.

The paper is going to be quite huge and so numbering matters a lot. You have to follow all the necessary rules to have it done properly. There should be no shortcut methods used in your works else the quality of your work will deteriorate and thus you will lose grades for every single mistake.

  1. The first thing that one should keep in their mind is that numbering is one of the most important things when you have to handle such a big chunk of work. You cannot just number in any way you want. You have to be sincere with the procedure to get a good pagination.
  2. The numbers are always done on the top right corner of each and every page. You should be focused on the indentation. You should not mismatch the indentation of one page with another. You should try to keep every possible cardinality the same on each and every page. It includes the font, the size of the numbers, etc. You should maintain everything properly to make it look good and proper.
  3. There are three types of page numbering. A section is where there is no page number like the content page. You have to specifically know those pages and you should not wrongfully number those pages. It is not right and your marks could get deducted due to it.
  4. There are sections where you have to mark your pages in Roman numerals. This section deals with the main part of the entire project.
  5. And in another section you have to mark it with normal English or Arabic numerals.

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