Basic Undergraduate Dissertation Requirements

Most theses or essays are geared towards post-graduate studies. However, undergraduate students do find that they need to complete dissertations as part of their homework. They need this dissertation as part of the homework they need to complete before they are allotted their degree at the end of the term.

These research topics are on any free lance topics and are usually given at the end of the final term. The topic could be based on the student’s likes and interests. The student is then given a supervisor who guides and supports them during their thesis work.

These essays differ from post-graduate theses as they are shorter, and they only average around 10,000 or at the most 15,000 words. These also need the student to work independently and do a lot of research work as well as cite sources, but it is not essential for the student to present new ideas. The philosophical context or a distinct methodology need not be given as well. However, what the instructor looks for is critical thinking and the ability to amalgamate information which has been researched.

The undergraduate dissertations requires the following:

  • A topic that will sustain the interest of the student and one that the student will enjoy doing a lot of homework for.
  • A supervisor who will help to refine the topic and give suggestions and who will constantly discuss the progress of the dissertation
  • A broad awareness of the subjects and then a more focused approach to the targeted area of research
  • The outline of the thesis should be around 2 – 3 pages and it should have a list of summary of chapters as well as a complete bibliography
  • The agenda of the essay, as well as time allocated, which will ensure that the entire essay is completed before the allocated time period has run out
  • The final copy which is arrived at after several drafts and revisions as well as after series of proofreading by the student and the guide
  • The work should be bound professionally before submission
  • The entire completed work should be handed in either on or before the last date of submission

For many students this is the first taste they get of doing independent work in full swing. It is daunting but at the same time, if the student works dedicatedly and at a consistent pace, they won’t have any problems whatsoever. You can also visit MyDissertations and get professional help. Follow these instructions and you will do just fine.

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